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Sustainable Self-Care for Mothers: Transforming Chaos into Calm During Times of Crisis (Webinar)

  • Saturday, May 02, 2020
  • 1:30 PM
  • Virtual Group - link to be sent in confirmation email


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For so many mothers, the overwhelm and anxiety of this pandemic is compounded by 24-7 isolation with our families, homeschooling, the loss of a job or the pressures of working from home while parenting. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, fearful, and exhausted, you are not alone. 

In this workshop, we’ll talk about why prioritizing your self-care is the single most important action you can take to support your family right now. You’ll learn simple practices to help calm overwhelm and anxiety, boost immunity and energy, and bring more order to chaos. You’ll also learn about the key ingredients to making habit changes stick so that you can experience the health and lifestyle results you desire. 

BONUS OFFER - Courtney offers a Free 30-min phone Discovery Session to all workshop participants. This is an opportunity to discuss your health challenges and your desires for your body and lifestyle. Please schedule here: https://calendly.com/courtneylacava/introdiscoverysession

Courtney LaCava, MA, CAS is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Health Coach, and mama to two little boys. Through her Essential Living Course, Courtney supports people to experience greater vitality, stronger immunity, clarity of purpose and lifestyle balance. She guides people to heal deeply and tap into their true potential using the essential habits of Ayurveda and Yoga - ancient wellness traditions that are more relevant than ever in teaching us how to thrive (not just survive) in our overwhelming modern world. To learn more about Courtney and her work, visit www.courtneylacava.com.

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