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  • CANCELLED - Sustainable Self-Care for Mothers: Transform Chaos + Burnout into Vitality, Ease and Freedom (Spring Speaker Series)

CANCELLED - Sustainable Self-Care for Mothers: Transform Chaos + Burnout into Vitality, Ease and Freedom (Spring Speaker Series)

  • Wednesday, April 15, 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • SHED Children's Campus - Red Building, 65 Phillips Street, Andover, MA


Join TMC this spring as we present a series of parenting workshops! Held at SHED Children's Campus, these workshops are meant to be informative and educational. Babysitting will be provided as needed.

TopicSustainable Self-Care for Mothers: Transform Chaos + Burnout into Vitality, Ease and Freedom

Date: April 15, 10:00-11:00am

Presenter: Courtney LaCava, MA, CAS


Do you believe that overwhelm and burnout are simply the reality of motherhood? Has your self-care not just taken a backseat, but is now riding in the third row of your minivan? This is a workshop for mothers seeking sustainable and effective ways to prioritize their own self-care and experience strong vitality, immunity, emotional ease and clarity of purpose. 

Research shows that modern motherhood is the equivalent of 2.5 full-time jobs! The result? Consistently high stress levels that keep us in “fight or flight” mode are having a clear and often catastrophic effect on women’s health. This manifests in symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety and depression, digestive issues, weight challenges, thyroid imbalances, autoimmune disorders, pain, infertility, PMS, insomnia, cancer and so much more. 

In this workshop we’ll talk about why your daily habits are critical for supporting your body’s innate healing potential. You’ll learn how you can be fully empowered to heal yourself and nurture the health and wellness of your family with simple habits that support your body to thrive. You’ll also learn the essential keys to making habit changes stick so that you can experience the results you deeply desire.  


  • Courtney offers a Free 30-min phone Discovery Session to all workshop participants. This is an opportunity to discuss your health challenges and what you desire for your body and lifestyle. If interested, please schedule in advance of the workshop for a call between April 16th-23rd: https://calendly.com/courtneylacava/introdiscoverysession

  • Please bring a journal/paper and pen to this workshop. 

About the Presenter: Courtney LaCava, MA, CAS is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Health Coach, and mama to two little boys. Through her Essential Living Course, Courtney now leads dynamic health coaching groups, guiding people to heal and evolve with the essential habits of Ayurveda and Yoga -  ancient wellness traditions that are more relevant than ever in teaching us how to thrive (not just survive) in our overwhelming modern world. To learn more about Courtney and her work, visit www.courtneylacava.com.

Cancellation Policy - Due to the nature of this event, there will be no refunds or rain checks given to any registered member for any reason, as the fee has to be given to the Vendor regardless of attendance.  The exception to this is if the Vendor and/or TMC cancels the event for any reason. Registration fee is valid for this event only and can not be transferred to any other event.   

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