Quarantined? No Problem!

We know these days are LONG... please enjoy this list of FREE ideas from around the internet to avoid going stir crazy!

38)21) SHED Children's Campus - daily posts including videos, recipes, experiments and challenges to share with your children

22) PBS Kids - Hang out with your favorite characters all while learning

23) Star Fall - Practice phonics skills with these read-along stories

24) Storyline Online - Have some of your favorite stories read to you by movie stars

25) Highlights Kids - Read, playu games, and conduct cool science experiments!

26) The San Diego Zoo has a website just for kids with amazing videos, activities, and games. Enjoy the tour! 

27) Tour Yellowstone National Park!

28) This Canadian site FarmFood 360 offers 11 Virtual Tours of farms from minks, pigs, and cows, to apples and eggs. 

29) 300,000+ FREE printable worksheets from toddlers to teens 

30) Crafts, activities, mazes, dot to dot, etc.

31) Voice based learning... learn through Alexa

32) Online homeschool platform & curriculum for Pre-K to 12th grade. All main subjects are covered, plus extra curriculum courses.

33) Printable board games, activities and more for phonics and reading all using evidence-based methods. Can be customized to any student's needs including creating flashcards for other subjects. 

34) Illustrated recipes designed to help kids age 2-12 cook with their grown-ups. Recipes encourage culinary skills, literacy, math, and science. 

35) ABC Mouse & Reading IQ Free Classes - Use Redeem Code SCHOOL7771

36) Funbrain - Play games while practicing math & reading skills

37) Miss Megan's Camp Kindergarten - Facebook Group with live "Morning Meetings"

38) Online Story Times in Heather's WonderFunBooks facebook group

39) Speech Sisters will post daily videos covering common speech therapy/IEP goals on their Instagram! 

40) San Diego Breastfeeding Center - offering Virtual Support Groups everyday at 3:00pm EDT (12pm PDT)

Page Updated 3/16/2020

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